Most airlines allow to bring free hand baggage. However, each airline has its own conditions, allowance and sometimes even costs can occur.

You can view your hand baggage allowance on your ticket email, right below your travel schedule.

Baggage information can also be found at any time on our website under your profile in MijnTix. Simply log in to your profile, by using the same email address you used to make the booking. Go to your “Trip” and click on “Baggage – Information”.

All information about hand baggage can be found on the website of the operating airline and this information is always binding.
*Kindly note, are you travelling with a low cost carrier (e.g. Wizzair, Ryanair, Laudomotion, EasyJet etc.) make sure you are familiar with the conditions and costs. 

What is allowed to carry on?
Due to security reasons there are some type of articles that you are not allowed to carry on board. The rules differ depending on your departure airport, destination or even airline. We advise to always check the destination airport and airline rules before flying.

Should you need further information contact the airline you are travelling with.